Fire Safety House

The Lubbock County Fire Department's Association owns a fire safety house that can be brought to your school or organization.  To find out more on how to request the fire safety house contact Fire Chief Cory Buck at

Smoke Detectors

Smoke alarms have been proven to save lives.  Almost 2/3 of fire deaths happened in homes without working smoke detectors.  Smoke detectors should be placed on every floor in your home and if possible in or right outside of every room.  Forgetting to check the batteries is one of the greatest issues with smoke detectors.  Check your smoke detector batteries during time change and replace them once a year.  A smoke detector should be replaced every 10 years.  

Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

​Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is found when fuels burn incompletely.  Ovens, stoves, and heating equipment may put off CO.  Generators and vehicles also put off CO.  Every year, CO poisoning accounts for over 15,000 hospital admits.  Carbon Monoxide is so dangerous because we are unable to identify it without a detector.  All homes should have a CO detector.     


Fire Extinguishers

It is recommended to keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and garage of your home.  The minimum fire extinguisher size for your home is a multipurpose (ABC) 2A-10BC.  Your fire extinguisher should have maintenance performed every year.  


The acronym EDITH stands for Exit Drills In The Home.  

  • Plan your escape today.
  • ​Draw a floor plan of your home with clearly marked escape routes from each room.  Always make a secondary route.
  • ​Establish a central meeting place outside of your home.
  • ​Practice, practice, practice your escape plan often.
  • Be prepared

Matches and Lighters

Matches and lighters are the number 1 cause of fire deaths in children.  Never underestimate children's curiosity.  Store these items out of sight and reach of children.  Educate children to tell a grown up when they find these objects.


Smoking is the leading cause of fire deaths in the United States.  Never smoke in bed and always make sure your smoking materials are completely extinguished

Christmas Trees

Consider using a tree marked flame resistant.  If you do use a live tree, make sure to water it every day to avoid it drying out.  


Use of fireworks inside the Shallowater City Limits is against city ordinance.  Using fireworks close to structures and dry vegetation increases the chances of unwanted fires starting.  Aerial fireworks can spread sparks and embers far away from the initial location they were lit.  When popping fireworks close to the city limit boundaries, be cognizant of which way the projectiles will travel.  Be aware of wind direction and speed.  Embers from fireworks can smolder for several hours before self extinguishing. 

Safety Information