The Shallowater FIre Department provides emergency service response for the City of Shallowater and the surrounding area.  We cover approximately 116 square miles in and around the city.  The fire department was established in 1954 by the city and operates under the city government.  The SFD is a volunteer fire department with our current membership at 30 members.  We respond out of one fire station located at 8th and Ave. G. in Shallowater.  The SFD responded to 248 incidents in 2018.  We have 9 fire apparatus which respond to several different types of emergency incidents from fires to first responding on medical calls.  The SFD performs prefire plans on all businesses in the city.  We hold a Class 3 ISO Public Protection Classification. Insurance companies set your rates off of these classifications.  The SFD hosts a Jr. Firefighter program for youths 14-17 years old.  We take pride in having some of the best firefighters in the state who operate with excellent equipment provided by our citizens, our customers.